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We are an Japan company that imports, refurbishes and resells high quality Japanese Pachislo and Pachinko. Pachislo Market and Pachinko Market are the best leading Pachislo and Pachinko store for the fans and needs in the world.

Over 1500 different machines are lined up and updating new models every day! Shipping Worldwide!

If you require further information or support, please contact us at or message us on Facebook.


C'mon, Let's Play!

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If you are looking for side hustle this is a perfect business for you.​ Or if you want to collect Pachinko & Pachislo you found the best website to purchase machines.

We are in group of "Japan Pachinko Parlor Association" and have special price rate purchasing machines for our customers. Machines will be backordered directly only from Pachinko Parlor throughout Japan. Machine cost will be updated in live when there is a price change in the market association.

You don't need to be familiar with Pachinko & Pachislo machines.

All you need is eBay or Amazon or any platform where you can resell machines.

​If you go look at eBay and search for Pachislo or Pachinko, you will get surprised with the price that's been sold. Many machines are sold over $1,000 and you can find the same machine on us for $200 and that's $800 difference. If you sell  them 10 times a month you will earn $8,000.


This is a blue ocean business you can start without any skills.

The business is still few buyers have an opportunity to be the pioneer in the Pachislo & Pachinko market.


Here's the steps for side hustle:

1. Choose a machine you want and go to purchase or send us a message.

    We will send you an invoice through Paypal.


2. All machines are only operated by Japan voltage 100V or 24V(usually Pachinko).

    Be sure to get ready for transformer (its on Amazon) before you operate it.

​3. ​After you receive your machine, install volume control if necessary.

   Volume control will be attached with the machine but not installed.

    (watch VOLUME CONTROL  menu)

4. Switch ON your machine and try test play.

    If everything is fine your machine is ready to be resell.


5.  Sell your machine and start your new business!

Options available and just let us know what you need. Pachinko balls and tokens (slot coin), battle counters (display), keys and etc. If you want further information about anything like shipping, LCL, bulk buying just contact us anytime.

Again, buyers have an opportunity to be the pioneer of Pachislo & Pachinko business because there's so few and no one have a rout for purchasing directly from Japan Pachinko Parlor Association. 

Pachislo Market JAPAN


2 Nakanoshima Toyohira-ku

Sapporo-shi Hokkaido

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm JST

Customer Service:

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